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A headshot is just a headshot. Yeah, right! This is the worst thing to believe. Your headshot is YOU when you are not there. Whether it's for an open audition or a call back chance, your headshot sits on a table with many others. Why should they pick you? We strive to make your headshot as representative of you as is possible. The connection between your image and the viewer is a key part of getting that call you've been waiting for. Your image needs to speak for you while you cannot speak yourself. Remember that many other resumes will be as good or better than yours, so you need to turn the eyes to you by providing a headshot that says "hire me" all over it. We achieve this goal through tried and tested steps that end up with the best possible headshot you can have. We want you to get hired as much as you do for recommendation is our best form of advertising. Take a look at the steps we take to provide you with your best possible headshot.

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